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The Himmelsbach family

Lotus del Mar is a family-run business – three generations meanwhile live “under one roof”.

In 1980, Berthold Himmelsbach, his wife Anny Marlene and son David, who was eight at the time, packed up house and home and headed for Lanzarote!“ They were some of the first Germans to “immigrate” to the island.

The Himmelsbach settled in Mala, a peaceful little village in the north of Lanzarote. Berthold opened a naturopathy practice and soon gained an excellent reputation that spread far beyond Mala.

Meanwhile, Anny Marlene took care of social life and helped develop the estate. A great many loving details were created under her direction.

The aim was to develop a unique ambience for special guests. Lotus del Mar was to become a place of tranquillity and retreat. Each member of the family contributed to achieving this.